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Q. Do the goal-line drop-outs and 50:22 laws apply to 7s?

A. No!  World Rugby clarified these laws do not apply to 7s.  If an attacker knocks on in-goal in 7s, the result is a 5-meter scrum to defense.  If an attacker kicks the ball in open play into in-goal and a defender grounds the ball or makes the ball dead, the result is a 22-meter drop-out.

Q. What new laws were enacted for the 2022 season?

A. See this summary (which includes a link to a PDF) from World Rugby.

Q. What are some of the major differences for U19 rugby?

A. U19 players may not use the "squeeze ball" technique.  The scrum may only be pushed 1.5 feet (Free Kick).  If the scrum wheels 45 degrees without illegal action, the scrum is reset.  Players may not fend to the head, face, or neck.  A high tackle is above the line of the armpits.

Q. How do I schedule a referee for a match?

A. Match requests, referee scheduling, and payments are made through the Rugby Referee scheduling platform RefUp. Teams should contact for setup.

Q. As a coach, how do I submit feedback about a referee?

A. Please provide constructive feedback through our online platform RefUp. Please contact with any questions. With nine Coach of Match Officials (CMOs), we are in a position to help referees improve through education and assessment.

Q. How do I become a referee?

A. Referee courses are typically offered in Utah twice per year, and all over the country if you are able to travel.  The most recent Level 1 Referee Course in Utah was December 2, 2023. Please visit the USA Rugby website for course dates and locations.  More resources are found on our Join Us page.

Q. I'm a new referee.  How do you recommend I prepare for my matches?

A. Check out the resources on our Referee Resources page and review USA Rugby's Game Management Guidelines.

Q. As a referee, how do I submit a match report?

A. All match reports are processed through our online platform RefUp. Please contact with any questions.

Q. How do I report abuse directed at a referee?

A. Complete the Referee Abuse Report form and email to Referee abuse is not tolerated and the URRS will investigate all reports of unacceptable behavior by a player, coach, or spectator.

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