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New & Trial Global Laws Review

  • Clarification!  NO 50:22 or GLDO for 7s per World Rugby​​.  For 7s:​​

    • ​An attacker knocks-on in-goal = 5-meter scrum to defense

    • An attacker kicks the ball into in-goal in open play and a defender grounds the ball or makes the ball dead = 22-meter drop-out

  • Law changes per World Rugby effective July 1, 2022

    • The current law trials (50:22, GLDO, jackler protection, flying wedge ban, single latch approval) become full law.  Additional information from URRS:

      • Goal line drop out

        • Drop kick behind the try line (same as 22 drop).  Defense can be up to the 5m line and ball must travel 5m.  Occurs when:  Ball is held up in the try zone, Offense carries ball into try zone and knocks it on, or Offense kicks ball into try zone and defending team grounds it

      • Flying wedge

        • ​Cannot have more than 1 person bound onto the ball carrier in open field play.  This will be most noticeable during multiple pick-and-goes.

      • Gator rolling in the ruck

        • ​is LEGAL. The player performing the gator roll can grab the body ONLY.  No shoulder, no neck/head, and no leg grabbing allowed.  Must be around the body only.

    • Codifications:

      • 8.14 At a conversion, chargers must not charge until the kicker moves in any direction to begin their approach to kick.  Rekick.

      • 9.11 Players must not jump into, or over, a tackler.  PK

      • 12.12 (a) The ball is played or taken into in-goal by an attacking player and is then held up, grounded, or otherwise made legally dead by an opponent.  GLDO

      • 18.25 No player can block the throw or prevent the ball from traveling five meters.  FK

      • 21.16 If a defender takes the ball into in-goal and the ball is held up, GLDO.

    • Trials:

      • ​Brake foot: At the scrum, hookers must have a "brake foot" - usually the right foot - in place during the "crouch" and "bind" phases and remove it on "set."  This is to prevent axial loading on the hookers.  Axial loading is basically pushing the weight of one pack through the opposing hooker.​​​​

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